Hardwood floors need special care.  They must be kept clean and free of dirt and grit in order to maintain their beauty.  In fact, a wood floor that is properly maintained should never have to be refinished.  The problem is, wood floors are best cleaned with water-based products, but too much water can damage wood floors, some more than others.

Some “wood floors” today may not be wood at all!  Laminate floors often look like wood but are made from plastic, like kitchen counter tops.  Engineered wood floors may be real wood, but are made like plywood.  True hardwood floors are solid wood and may be constructed of oak, cherry, pine, or other exotic woods.  Some floors are even made from bamboo—actually a grass, not wood!

Most hardwood floors today are coated with polyurethane varnish, one of the hardest finishes available.  This varnish will endure many years of normal foot traffic without noticeable wear.  However fine dirt particles, or grit, can scratch the surface and make it appear dull.  Eventually the grit can eat completely through the varnish and expose the bare wood below.  At this point the floor can be restored only by sanding and re-varnishing, which is a messy and expensive procedure.

You can avoid this damage to your floors if you will follow a few simple steps.  First, keep the floors clean.  Don’t allow tracked-in grit to accumulate.  Vacuum or dust-mop traffic lanes frequently.  Wipe up spills with a damp cloth or paper towel.  Second, do not apply paste wax or kitchen floor finishes to your hardwood floor.  These finishes could actually make it harder to clean your floors, and may prevent a professional floor cleaning company from using a restorative finish if necessary to bring back your floor’s appearance.  Third, have your wood floors professionally cleaned regularly.  For most homes, this means once a year.  A professional deep cleaning will ensure that imbedded dirt does not remain on the floor to cause damage, and will add to the life of the floor.

Keep in mind that not every floor cleaning company has the proper equipment and training to care for your expensive hardwood floorsGA Water & Fire Disaster Restoration has the best systems to maintain wood floors.  Our experts will make sure that you get the maximum enjoyment and longevity from your floors.  Call GA Water & Fire Disaster Restoration today for further information.

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What Is the Best Way to Clean Wood Floors? 

What Is the Best Way to Clean Wood Floors