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Your carpet doesn’t look right. There’s a lump over there. That corner feels loose. There’s

carpet stretching and repair atlanta
carpet stretching and repair atlanta

a slight ripple running across the middle of the floor. Those flaws are becoming more noticeable and they’re detracting from the appearance of your room. Don’t worry. You don’t need to invest in new carpeting. Carpet re-stretching can solve those problems.

Carpet re-stretching is the best way to handle those unsightly problems. You can obtain the services of a carpet repair specialist who’ll make your room look as good as new, saving a small fortune in the process. Good carpet is expensive and the price of installation can often run up the cost even more itself! You don’t want to start from scratch when quality carpet repair can solve your problems at a fraction of those prices.

The idea behind carpet re-stretching is simple. In order to look its best, your carpet needs to be appropriately taut across the entirety of the room. When your carpet isn’t appropriately stretched–or when parts of the room are pulled tighter than others are–you’ll notice those ugly lumps and ripples. The problems will gradually worsen if not repaired and they usually stem from a combination of time and/or shortcomings in initial installation.

The carpet re-stretching process involves a number of different steps. Usually, one must properly remove the carpeting from the existing four-foot tack boards. During this process, he or she needs to take care not to accidentally unravel the carpet fibers. At that point, one usually removes and replaces the damaged tack boards. Different sub-surfaces require different kinds of tack boards and in many cases, both the removal of the old boards and the installation of replacements can be challenging for novice stretchers.

Depending upon the nature of one’s problems, carpet re-stretching may also involve the installation of new or additional padding throughout the room or in specific areas.

The carpet re-stretching process itself will involve a series of pulls conducted in the proper pattern. There’s a generally scheme for re-stretching, but specific rooms and circumstances will usually require individual adjustments to the pattern. After one completely re-stretches and properly fastens the carpet to the new tack board, one must cut it properly along the baseboards. Carpet re-stretching may also require corrections and or repairs to carpet seams.

That may sound like a complicated and arduous process. It can be overwhelming for many do-it-yourselfers and mistakes may create an unfortunate situation in which high-cost full replacement becomes the only remaining option. This is why those who aren’t experienced with the task will usually want to deal with a carpet repair professional. An expert will know exactly how to revive a carpet with re-stretching.

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