GA Water & Fire Disaster Restoration is a Water Damage Restoration Company specializing in cleaning, drying up and removing water from homes as well as hotels, condos and apartments in areas like Atlanta Metropolitan area including Athens,  Conyers,  Sandy Springs,  Hiawassee,  Lawrenceville,  Jonesboro,  Tucker,  Marietta,  Alpharetta,     Dallas,   Covington,  Dalton,  Winder,  Lafayette,  Trenton,   and surrounding cities.

Standing water in the house causes incredible damage. It seeps under floorboards, encourages the growth of mold and can destroy the structure. The rot that results if water is not removed quickly can lead to sagging floors and a dangerous situation. The first step after a flood is to call in a water extraction company and invest in the services of water damage companies.

Understand the Ability of Water to Move and Invade

Water cleanup after flood involves more than just removing the standing areas of water. Water won’t remain still for long. It likes to travel, and it can move into unexpected areas. In addition to soaking into flooring and beneath carpets, it can also soak into sheetrock and start to wick up the walls. Rising steadily through the walls, it will move across ceilings and drop back onto belongings that were not actually standing in water. Water damage companies respect water’s ability to move throughout the home and cause damage in unexpected areas, and that’s why they offer 24-hour emergency services to cleanup after flood.

Immediate Water Removal from home or business is Vital

The longer water sits, the more damage it can cause. Given enough time, it can soak into the structure, migrate into other areas and start to rot your home from the inside out. This is what a reputable water extraction company offers 24-hour emergency services to soak up the water and get it out the house. Water damage companies start by removing as much standing water as possible, and then they start working on the remaining humidity. The sooner you call them for help, the faster they can get to work. Making the phone call and getting assistance will minimize the damage to your home.

Dehumidifiers and Fans Prevent Mold and Rot

With the standing water and puddles removed, a great company will cleanup after flood with dehumidifiers and fans. These are put in place in damp areas to pull humidity out of the air, and extract moisture from wood and other porous surfaces. As the water extraction company eliminates these remaining pockets of moisture, wood will return to its normal size and mold will not be allowed to develop. Your home will be protected from the dangers of mold and the harmful effects of rotting structures.

Whether you have a flooded basement after heavy rains or a fresh water line broke and flooded the living room, water damage companies can help you reclaim your home and prevent further damage. Prompt response to cleanup after flood is required to secure your home and avoid the harmful effects of mold and rot. With the services of a professional water extraction company, you can minimize the damage and get your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

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