Fire Damage Repair, smoke removal, and cleanup soot in home Atlanta Metropolitan area including Athens,  Conyers,  Sandy Springs,  Hiawassee,  Lawrenceville,  Jonesboro,  Tucker,  Marietta,  Alpharetta,     Dallas,  Covington,  Dalton,  Winder,  Lafayette,  Trenton,

Fires can strike any home, so it’s important to protect your family with smoke alarms. If a fire happens, the main priority should always be to get your family out. When the fire department arrives, they will work diligently to put the fire out and prevent it from spreading, but the damage left behind will be substantial. A fire damage company can help you recover, but there are still some things you should be ready for if your home is devastated by fire.

There will be Water Damage

The fire is one threat, and the water used by the fire department is another threat. It’s necessary to prevent the flames from spreading, but the water will probably wind up in areas of the home that weren’t actually affected by the fire. A big part of the fire damage repair help will be removing the standing water and dealing with the water damage.

Smoke Lingers

The next challenge after a fire is finding a way to remove smoke odor. Professionals are usually required to remove smoke odor. Even after professionally treating textiles and other items, your belongings may continue to smell faintly of smoke. It will fade over time, but you may always smell the ghost of the fire on your items. Even jewelry tucked protected in a jewelry box in a room untouched by fire can absorb an incredible amount of smoke smell, and that will ruin the value. When hiring a company for fire damage repair help, make sure they can effectively remove smoke odor to fully restore your home.

Hidden Damage

A great fire damage company knows that there will probably be hidden damage. Even after they remove the smoke odor from your walls, a light smell may remain in the cabinets. The smoke can corrode electrical connections, and the damage may not show itself for weeks or even months. Wiring that is damaged as the result of fire or water can cause electrical problems throughout the home, so expect fire damage repair help to include examining wiring and plumbing for hidden damage. Wires are excellent heat conductors, so a fire in one room can heat the lines and cause damage in other rooms. It can take time for rubber seals damaged by the fire to fail, so look for a fire damage company that will seek out the hidden damage and make repairs.

Fire damage is serious, and the water damage that follows it also poses problems. Ensure that you remove smoke odor by enlisting professional fire damage repair help. With the right assistance from an experienced fire damage company, the fire, smoke and water damage can be treated and repaired, so you can enjoy your beautiful home again.

Fire, Smoke and Soot cleanup and Repair

Atlanta Metropolitan area including Athens,  Conyers,  Sandy Springs,  Hiawassee,  Lawrenceville,  Jonesboro,  Tucker,  Marietta,  Alpharetta,     Dallas,   Covington,  Dalton,  Winder,  Lafayette,  Trenton,   and surrounding areas

Fire damage Cleanup – 3 things you should know before cleaning up after a fire.