GA Water & Fire of North Georgia  provide water damage restoration, water extraction and flood cleanup to homes and businesses such as hotel, condo, apartments and restaurants in Atlanta Metropolitan area including Athens,  Conyers,  Sandy Springs,  Hiawassee,  Lawrenceville,  Jonesboro,  Tucker,  Marietta,  Alpharetta,     Dallas,   Covington,  Dalton,  Winder,  Lafayette,  Trenton,   and surrounding areas.

The first thing you should do if your home floods is put safety first. After you get your family and pets out, don’t go back into your flooded home until you have the permission of local authorities and the assistance of a water damage company. Never go back into a flooded home if there is any question of the physical sturdiness of the building. Think of it as if your house was on fire. As long as you and your family are safely out, there is nothing inside worth risking your life to save. Wait for permission from local officials to re-enter the home, only enter the home with members of the water damage company and then let the trained technicians of the water damage company do their jobs.

Getting the remaining water out of your house is the first big task that your water extraction company will perform. Wear the safety gear advised by the water extraction company. Rubber boots and gloves will ground you and rubber gloves will protect you from contaminated water. If the flooding is severe, rubber waders will provide greater protection than boots. You should also wear a hard hat in the case of a ceiling collapse. Don’t touch appliances and avoid dirty debris. Potentially dangerous situations will be handled by the water extraction company.

If conditions are safe enough to enter the home, the flood cleanup service will advise you concerning salvaging personal items. Some items that can be cleaned and dried will be salvageable. The technicians from the flood cleanup service will tell you what can be kept and what can’t. You should immediately call your insurance company and start a claim for both property damage and loss of household items. The technicians from the water damage company have experience in salvaging personal effects from flooded homes and can give you suggestions regarding cleaning, drying out and repairing damaged items.

Cleaning up and drying out your flooded home is the last and biggest task after a flood. Local officials will inspect your home and tell you if it can be made habitable again. If it can be, the flood cleanup service will perform the bulk of the heavy and dirty cleanup. You may want to be involved because it’s your home or you may prefer not to see aftermath of the flood. It’s best to let the professionals of the water damage company do their jobs without having to worry about looking out for your safety while they work. When the flood cleanup service has done all that they can to begin to set your home to rights, they’ll leave you with instructions about things to watch out for and how to finish drying out and salvaging household items.

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