Carpet cleaning can sometimes seem like an unnecessary expense. However, whenyour carpet has been exposed to large amounts of water carpet cleaning and water extraction are absolutely necessary. There are a lot of reasons for this but these are the top 4.

1. To Avoid Health Concerns

The number one reason to have proper water extraction done after your carpet has become saturated is for health reasons. Mold spores are all over our environments in small numbers and do not present a danger for healthy people. However, when an area is consistently damp mold spores can grow and proliferate. Exposure to large amounts of mold spores can also be dangerous for people with respiratory issues and allergies before they are a concern for healthy people.

2. To Avoid Expensive Subfloor Damage

Underneath your carpeting is some other kind of flooring. The type depends on what kind of home you live in. Obviously, if your subfloor is concrete then water damage is not a major concern. However, even if you have a concrete foundation there are often wooden boards used to even up the floor underneath your carpet. Water damage to the subfloor of your home can be expensive, especially if it spreads to other rooms or the beams in your walls.

3. To Avoid Nasty Smells

Mold can not only produce spores that are bad for your health but they can also produce some pretty funky smells. Most people have experienced the scent of mildew from letting something wet sit in a confined space or waterproof bag at some point in their life. Water in your carpet that is not properly resolved by water extraction and carpet cleaning can leave a permanent reminder of the problem in the form of a less-than-pleasant odor. If this smell gets through the carpet padding and into the insulation or another part of your home even replacing the carpet may not be enough to remove it.

4. To Avoid Discoloration and Damage to Your Carpet

In comparison to major home repairs caused by water damage to the subfloor or other parts of your home replacing your carpet is cheap. However, in terms of what you would rather spend your money on replacing your carpet is expensive and undesirable. It’s easy enough to avoid needing to replace your carpet if you simply make arrangements for water extraction immediately after the incident. The possibility of water damage to the home is greatly reduced by prompt carpet cleaning, too.


4 Reasons You Should Get Water Extracted from Your Carpet ASAP

4 Reasons You Should Get Water Extracted from Your Carpet ASAP